Hiring laundry services for dry cleaning of woolen garments

Published: 12th July 2010
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Dry cleaning is a must for cleaning woolen garments; wool is one of the best choices for rugs and carpets. It is the safest among all fabrics as they last for long time and are fire resistant than other types of fabrics. The longevity of woolen garments is unimaginable; they last for long years. Moreover, wool is resistant to several other external influences. They resistant to dirt to a large extent, they are non-toxic and do not encourage the growth of microorganisms. But, these woolen materials must be taken well care of. Cleaning in hot water or using certain detergents can ruin the color of these materials. The color of the woolen garments can fade or even its durability can decrease if hot water is used. So, dry cleaning is the best option to clean the woolen garments. For the dry cleaning of the woolen garments, one can hire any dry cleaning company or do the cleaning themselves at home. Dry cleaning at home is a bit difficult as people have to follow several steps properly. A slight mistake can ruin the garments completely.

If you go for the first option, i.e. drop your woolen garments at the laundry, then you do not have to take any step yourself. The dry cleaners will perform all the necessary steps and take good care of your garment. However, if you want to do the total dry cleaning at home, then you must follow several important steps. Having the proper dry clenaning supplies is the first step; the most important substance used for cleaning is the solvent used for the dry cleaning. Nowadays, the most used dry cleaning solvent is the Perchloroethylene. This solvent is used in large extent in the laundries. Previously, several other dry cleaning solvents were used, but they proved to be harmful for certain types of garments. Perchloroethylene is so far the best dry cleaning agent used nowadays. Besides the solvent, there are several other dry cleaning products which are used. This Perchloroethylene helps to remove stains and patches from the garments and also dissolves grease and oil from them, which cannot be done if water is used.

Gathering the dry clenaning supplies and then using them properly on the garments is difficult, although it saves a lot of money and time. If you can bear the expense, then it is best to drop your woolen materials at the laundry. When you drop your clothes to any professional dry cleaning shop, you can expect the best from them. They use the perfect dry cleaning products and take immense care of the clothes. The process they undertake while dry cleaning the garments is different from that of the home cleaning process. They use certain other fabric softeners and other techniques to clean the clothes while preserving their quality and color. However, the use of Perchloroethylene is not suitable for the cleaners and people wearing the clothes. As it is a strong chemical, it causes harm to the hands while cleaning.

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